Coordinates in GetInstancesJson

Is it possible for you to provide a list of what the facial coordinates in GetInstancesJson is meant to represent? The order of them is not clear for me.

Thank you for the API!


Hi @frans,

The GetInstancesJson function returns the coordinates of the face in a normalized form. To get pixel coordinates you need to multiply the normalized coordinates by the dimensions of the corresponding frame (Depth or Color). Like here.

You can see an example with a list of all fields of the returned JSON on this page (click on the drop-down list with the name JSON at the bottom of the page).

Have I answered your question? Feel free to ask additional questions.

Thank you for your answer. It did not answer my question so I will make it clearer.

In the JSON file there are fields called landmark. What are the labels of these landmarks? Do you have a list on the names and order of the landmarks? I’m particularly looking for the indices of the three nose landmarks.


Hi @frans,

Thanks for the good question, we will add this information to the documentation as soon as possible.

Nuitrack v0.36.0 and later versions:

Nuitrack v0.35.15 and earlier versions:

Thank you Vadim! That helps a lot!

I’m glad it helped you.
Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.