D435, No output skeleton tracking over 3m distance

I currently setting up for human detection system using NUI with D435.

The environment of our lab space is about 5m wide.
I surrounded there by multiple cameras, I’m trying to detect human by skeleton tracking and use its center 3d position(head or chest).

I have already read the performance limitations and optimal settings of the D435 sensor(recommended depth resolutions 848x480 and reliable distance 3 m) as well as settings for extending the distance.

I think the detection of the center point is more important than all joint information in our situation.

Is it possible to increase the joint detection distance in these situations?
I already changed the parameter you suggested, but the detection distance did not increase from 3 m.
however once it tracked in 3 m it keeps tracking over 3 m.

Are there other configuration parameters to increase the distance to start skeleton tracking?

Thank you.

Nuitrack isn’t intended to be used at large distances.
Please consider a so-called “waving effect”: Research with Real Sense and VicoVR
We assume that in your case the segmentation module doesn’t work correctly at such distance. It might depend on depth map quality. You can check your 3d depth map with Realsense viewer.