Dead zone when tracking hand

When I track my hand and stretch my hand forward from my body, the tracking jumps back and forth in a certain area. This area is roughly between my hip and my shoulder. Is that a known issue? If so, what can I do about it? I am using Unity.

Hello. What type of tracking do you use, default or NuitrackAI? Could you record a .bag/.oni file that will show this problem?

Did you ever figure this out?

I am having the same problem and it doesn’t seem to matter much which mode I use. It is slightly better with default.

I do realize that I am not positioning the camera in it’s optimal height. I have to below it ( approx 30cm from floor ) or high above ( 3.2m from floor ). But in my tests where I do position the camera at about 1m I am still getting this issue.

I have been looking for some documentation on the config file to try to tweak the settings without success.

Anyway - I was curious to hear if you found a solution.

Hello @Sammi
What sensor do you use?

I am trying both Kinect Azure and Realsense 455.

Both exhibit the same problem.