Depth2ColorRegistration issue for Orbbec Astra Pro


I’m using Nuitrack version 0.27.0.
I’m trying to get Depth2ColorRegistration to work for Orbbec Astra Pro.
I have set it to true and it works for my Realsense D415, but will not work for Orbbec Astra Pro.

Snippet from my nuitrack.config:

Screenshot in Unity from RGBAndSkeletons Tutorial using Orbbec Astra Pro with the above nuitrack.config:

The unity log does not report any errors.
How do i enable Depth2ColorRegistration for Orbbec Astra Pro?

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Hi HenrikF,

Can you please set the resolution to 640x480 in nuitrack.config and check the registration in this case?

Hi Olga,

With 640x480 the registration becomes a lot better! Although, I would say it still looks a bit off when I stand at the very edges of the screen, but not enough to be cause for concern.

Is there a way to get the registration to work with the higher resolution of 1280x720 too?

We’re working on the solution. The main difficulty is connected to the calibration parameters of Orbbec Astra cameras available through OpenNI.

Ok. I wish you luck then!

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