depthFrame resolution

Is there a means by which to set the depthFrame resolution? I see a GetOutputMode but not a SetOutputMode.

I’m noticing that it is reported as 20,15 in the NuitrackExample code, which seems exceptionally low. Does the VicoVR device manage a higher resolution internally?


It’s impossible to get higher resolution for now. We provide it for demonstration purposes.
We can provide higher resolution on Bluetooth connection, but FPS will be proportionally lower. We plan to have good Depth stream in final version of product with WiFi connection.
Anyway, why do you need Depth Frame on smartphone? We belive that skeletal tracking is key feature for control in VR and smartphone doesn’t have enough power to well process Depth Frame in game.

Yes, it works with VGA/QVGA resolution from Depth Camera.

It’s not that I need the capability - I’m just evaluating the SDK and unclear on the use case at this resolution. I’ll watch for the depth capabilities at launch time.