Disabling Skeleton Tracking on runtime

Is it possible to completely disable the tracking of a skeleton at runtime so that it does not consume any computing time? We are developing games that only need tracking of 1 skeleton. However, we have a game menu where we need hand tracking 2x. So we also need to track 2 skeletons.

So, we are doing this:

However, tracking a 2nd skeleton in the game causes performance problems. The end hardware we use is not the strongest. The value read in skeletonTracker.GetProcessingTime() doubles with 2 skeletons from 20ms to 40ms.

Something like:
skeletonTracker.GetSkeleton(1).enabled = false;

would be very useful.

I may found an answer to my question :wink:

We are using:

I guess setting AutoTracking to false and start/stop the tracking manually would do the job. Right?

skeletonTracker.StartTracking(int userId)
skeletonTracker.StopTracking(int userId)

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Basically yes

When autotracking is enabled, tracking of the user’s skeleton begins immediately when the user appears in the frame. Otherwise, you must manually start tracking of the user’s skeleton.