Distribute a NuiTrack application


I am developping a skeletal tracking application with an Orbbec Astra Pro camera and Visual Studio 2017. I built a solution with NuiTrack and OpenCV and I generated a .exe in Release mode with Visual Studio. The .exe runs just fine on my computer.
The problem is that I cannot run this application on another PC. I have a mini-PC with Windows 10. I installed NuiTrack on it and copy pasted the opencv dlls. The nuitrack_c11_sample runs but I get the following message:

WARNING: OpenNIDepthProvider can't create ImageGenerator Create DepthProvider: OpenNIDepthProvider

whereas it should be AstraProPerseeDepthProvider right ?
I get the same warning when I run my .exe and the OpenCV window doesn’t pop up.
The camera drivers are up to date and everything runs on the development computer.
Could you help me with some feedback on how to distribute a .exe that uses NuiTrack ?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I have a trial license for developping

Edit: I tried with an Intel RealSense D435 and everything works
Create DepthProvider: Realsense2DepthProvider
So it seems to be a problem with the Orbbec Astra pro, except I installed all the drivers

Hi ThomasP,

Please try to backup orbbec.dll from the folder %NUITRACK_HOME%/bin/OpenNI2/Drivers (move it to another folder or rename it) and replace it with the following file.

Hi Olga,

Thanks for your answer. Replacing orbbec.dll works but when I run nuitrack_c11_sample the framerate is extremely low. Any idea of why this is happening ?


Did you turn on RGB? What is the value of "AstraProPerseeDepthProvider.CameraID" in your nuitrack.config?

Hello Olga,

This is my nuitrack.config:

"AstraProPerseeDepthProvider": {
        "Windows": {
            "CameraID": 0
        "POSIX": {
            "PID": "0x0501", 
            "VID": "0x2bc5"
    "DepthProvider": {
        "RotateAngle": "0", 
        "RGB": "Auto", 
        "Depth2ColorRegistration": false, 
        "Mirror": false

Any other value for AstraProPerseeDepthProvider.CameraID will create an OpenNI2DepthProvider instead of an AstraProPerseeDepthProvider.
The camera seems to freeze every second, right now it is unusable.

Thanks for your help,

We’ll investigate the issue and get back to you as soon as we get the solution. It seems that this problem is connected to the sensor drivers.