DllNotFoundException: libnuitrack

Hi, I did some investigation on importing DLLs in unity. I found some issues that had to do with the fact that unity could not support .net- framework 4.5. It should be solved with the more up-to-date releases.
So check if you can select the higher framework in the player settings of unity. Also make sure that you have switched your architecture to x86_64 as the default is only x86. At least this did the trick for me.

Hi all,

I encountered similar issue previously, please refer to this post Can't find out how to properly setup Nuitrack it helps to solve my issue

I managed to run the unity tutorial properly after setting up the environment in C:\nuitrack and class path in C:\nuitrack\bin as well as locate the nuitrackSDK in C:\nuitrackSDK

Hope it helps

Hey All, had the Same problem, Unity Throwing:
DllNotFoundException: libnuitrack
when I was trying to run “NuitrackSDK > Tutorials > First Project > BasicSkeleton.unity” scene with Intel RealSense D415 on Windows 10.

Fixed by:

  1. Updating camera firmware
  2. Installing latest version of Unity (2018.2.15f1)
  3. Installing Nuitrack (under C:\nuitrack) by following the instructions here
  4. Making sure both of the environment variables (“Path” & “NUITRACK_HOME”) are defined correctly as described in WINDOWS > Step 4. on the instructions webpage above.

I had the same problem of the DllNotFoundException: libnuitrack but just updating the firmware of the camera, d435 in my case and rebooting the system fixed