Do i need multiple Nuitrack AI licence if my Unity application needs multiple Realsense D435 sensors to use at same time

In my Unity(version 2020.3.20f1) application I am using RealSense D435 sensor. As per application’s requirements I need to use more than 1 sensor for multiple skeleton tracking. While purchasing the NuiTrack-AI license I came to know that 1 perpetual license will work for 1 sensor only. I just wanted to confirm, Do NuiTrack support multi-sensor in Unity SDK & Will I need to purchase multiple licenses for multi-devices ?

Hi @Keyur

Support for multiple sensors in Unity is currently under active development. I’ll let you know about the approximate release date.
In order to work with multiple devices, you will need to purchase a license for each device.

Thanks for the response.
Sir, My requirement is something like this(diagram in the attached image).
The whole big landscape screen is a single application, in which i want to allow 3 users to interact with the media shown on screen at the same time.
For covering this wide area for Interaction, I need to connect 2 RealSense devices to a single computer.
In such setup, will I be able to use your SDK ? and Can you please guide me a little for setting up such system, & will these both the devices need to be authenticated with different licenses ? Thanks.

Hi @Keyur,

Sure, recent multisensor revision of Nuitrack provides a native access to tracking results from multiple sensors in a single application process.
The only limitation currently is that these results aren’t combined into a single array of persons, so you have to additionally interpret data on the application level.
We believe this option could a way to go as fields of view don’t overlap much (from your description/picture), so you could work with two resulting arrays of persons.

We also plan to release combining (fusion) functionality soon as Nuitrack Holistic, please let us know whether you are interested in using it for your project.

As for licensing:
Nuitrack historically was licensed per-sensor, so this option is also relevant to multi-sensor case.
If you have some specific considerations or questions (in terms of licensing) - please feel free to message me at

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Can you please share some link or documentation explaining how to get 2 RealSense D435 cameras working in a Unity project with your SDK ?

Hi @Keyur, sure, Unity package supporting multi-sensor feature was released about 2 weeks ago.
Please refer to this document and please let us know in case of any issues (as this is a quite a new feature).