Does Nuitrack support "all series D4xx sensors" in this link?

Does Nuitrack support “all series D4xx sensors” in this link ?

The nuitrack sensor specifically supports only the D415 and the D435 variants - based on the hardware ids returned by the realsense sdk.

Internally - nuitrack - by default makes frame size choices based on this hardware id. For example - the best hardware depth resolution chosen for the d435 is 848x480 - while for the d415 is 1270x720.

Other variants specifically the d400 and 420 return different hardware id values - as such they are likely not to work with the current runtime from nuitrack as a result.


Thank for ur reply.

And can Nuitrack work on D430 Module ?

It would depend on what the Realsense driver reports the device as - if it says D430 then I would doubt it.