Does the C# SDK support Mono?

Hi. I’m wondering if the C# API is Mono compatible? I’m hoping to use Nuitrack from within the Godot game engine, and as I understand that means Mono support is a requirement. Thanks.

Hello @jp887

It should work. It works in Unity. You can look at our plugin for an example There you should only be interested in the file . And part of the NuitrackManager script, where Init, module creation and Run occur. At startup, something should start to glow on the sensor. (You also need to remember to make a Release at the end to turn off the sensor)

Or for simplicity:
Download this library

For Start


For Finish


@jp887 Do you have any more questions about this issue?

Thanks Stepan. I’m working on another project at the moment but hoping to work on this in January. I’ll raise a separate issue if I run into any problems. But it sounds like it should work, and your instructions are very clear so hopefully it will be straightforward.

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