Does the current Nuitrack support Astra 2 or Gemini 2?

Hello everyone,

Does the current Nuitrack support Astra 2 or Gemini 2?

We are considering purchasing one of the two, and doing real-time image interaction of the dancers in Touchdesigner.

Hi there,

  • we have Gemini 2 on hands and right now we work on its support, so it should be expected very soon
  • we don’t have Astra 2 currently, but plan to get it and support it in Nuitrack during October / November
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Roger that, thank you!


I plan to use Orbbec Gemini 2 with Nuitrack to implement real-time image interaction of dancers.

For now, I use Kinect v2 with Nuitrack for practice.

I tried to test the Nuitrack Skeleton Tracking plugin for TouchDesigner, but after opening Touchdesigner, “Error: Failed to 1oad the plugin” appeared on Nuitrackchop1.
Please refer to Figure 1

  1. After opening this Touchdesigner file, what settings should I do first?

  2. I tried to test Nuitrack SDK and could successfully capture the skeleton and detect expressions.
    Please refer to Figure 2


Hi @mavishsieh8313,
Have you followed these steps but the plugin is not working?

  1. Downloaded the zip file from this topic.
  2. Extracted the zip package.
  3. Copied the NuitrackPlugin folder to C:\Users\irakl\Documents\Derivative\Plugins.
  4. Launched Nuitrack-Sample.toe.
  5. At the first launch: allowed the use of NuitrackCHOP plugin
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I appreciate your message. :star_struck:
I successfully caught the skeleton! :woman_cartwheeling: :tada: :tada: :tada:
Many thanks