Drawing pictures of three people in their area / Unity

I use Nuitrack to draw three people at the same time.

Shining a screen on a wall
I installed the D435 forward from the wall to recognize three people.
(One user uses 1/3 of the screen.
Disable if you are outside your own area)
Depending on the specific guidelines in your area
I try to draw a picture using the LineRenderer (onHandsTrackerUpdate: press) in response to a hand gesture.

I know Nuitrack recognizes up to six people.

More than three people use onHandsTrakerUpdate to recognize click and drag
Will the LineRenderer Count increase?
Is there any drop in speed?

Hi crneula,

You can use HandTracker to track hand movement of up to 6 users.
You can set manually up to 6 skeletons by two ways:

  1. Using Nuitrack API: take a look at nuitrack.SkeletonTracker.SetNumActiveUsers method in Nuitrack online documentation

  2. Editing nuitrack.config file: in the section Skeletonization, set ActiveUsers to the desired value (up to 6 skeletons)

Could you please specify what do you mean by “Will the LineRenderer Count increase” and “Is there any drop in speed”? As these questions are not very clear to us.