Emotion Values Out of Range


I’m using Nuitrack to detect face expressions.
Following the documentation I’m successfully getting the emotions values - angry, neutral, surprise, happy.

According to the documentation each emotion value is a positive number within the range of 0-1.
However sometimes I’m getting values higher than 1 for a certain emotions.

Here are examples of data I got:
"emotion": {"neutral": 0.0010028329, "angry": 3.0950923, "surprise": 0.000100158504, "happy": 0.9988661}

or for example

"emotion": {"neutral": 6.392278, "angry": 0.00127006834, "surprise": 0.998580754, "happy": 8.521814}


Hi yurikleb,

Is it raw output of the GetInstancesJson method?


Yup, exactly.
I’m using the code provided in the Unity examples.