Enabling Depth sensor improves fps?


I am new to this forum. :grinning:

I am developing in Unity3d and am using Nuitrack sdk.
I have a script in which
I call sensor = DepthSensor.Create();
When enabled the script in enabled, the fps is jumping between 60 and 100,
When disabled these the fps is jumping between 55 to 70.

Does anyone has explaination as to why creating the depthsensor improves the performance?

Very interesting!

Could you provide more information?

  1. If you create an empty scene with your script, does the behavior repeat?
  2. Is there a NuitrackManager (NuitrackScripts) on the stage besides your script?
  3. Can you provide your script for study?

We recommend using NuitrackManager to control sensor components, it is easy to add it via MainMenu > Nuitrack > Prepare The Scene