ERROR LicenseNotAcquiredException: Nuitrack Exception

Hi! Good afternoon,
after installing the nuitrack libraries following the installation steps ( and running the tutorial “Animating the Avatar using Skeleton” ( works, but after 2-4 minutes of operation the following error occurs:

if anyone knows how to resolve this error, please contact me.

Thank very much!

Hi Francisco,

LicenseNotAcquiredException occurs after 3 minutes if you use Nuitrack Trial. To remove this exception, you have to purchase the license and activate Nuitrack Pro version.

How much cost Nuitrack Pro Version??


Please see the section “Pricing” at Nuitrack website.

I’m trying to contact you for the purchase of nuitrack pro version, but nobody answers my emails from, do you have another alternative address to contact you? Ty

Dear Esteban,

We answered you on January 29th. Let us try again.