Example using RealSense D435 + Unity

Hoping there is a sample project somewhere using the RealSense D435 sensor https://click.intel.com/intelr-realsensetm-depth-camera-d435.html
and Unity.


FWIW - I would suggest - Dont waste your time with the d435 it will likely end in tears :frowning:

Do a search thru the forums here - there are some notes from Intel on the d415 v d435

Dasically the d415 wins hands down unless you need to track really close ranges 20cm - 80cm - which is not really relevant to skeletal tracking.

Beyond the poor depth accuracy of the d435 however - any of the samples from nuitrack with connect to the d435 if one in detected - and show you the sensor results they produce.

You will get a track - it may be jittery and below commercially usable quality however.


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Hi 4wall,

There are several Unity samples in Nuitrack SDK, you can find them in the folder Nuitrack SDK > Unity3D > NuitrackSDK.unitypackage.

Also, take a look at our Unity tutorials.

You can use these Unity samples with all cameras supported by Nuitrack, including RealSense D435.

but that is android not windows
is the window setup different to android setup

Hi parksungju,

You can create a Unity project with Nuitrack SDK for any platform that you like.