Exception in NuitrackModule.dll

Dear developer community!

Our company uses Nuitrack skeleton tracker to develop our own app and the latter periodically crashes with an exception we cannot handle, as long as presumably Nuitrack wrapper over the dll doesn’t catch it in a correct way. Memory dump and call stack cannot be properly analyzed either, because debug symbols are not shipped with Nuitrack SDK. Could you tell us how can we find the root cause of the problem?

Additional info: Nuitrack is licensed under perpetual license, the compatibility test was passed. The stream is captured with Intel RealSense D435i.

Thank you!

Hi! Please advise:

  1. What API are you using?
  2. Steps to reproduce the issue.
  3. How often does this issue occur?


It seems that the problem is gone as of Nuitrack 0.31.0. We will continue monitoring.
Thank you!