Experimental wifi + unity app

I was having a lot of trouble maintaining the bluetooth connection with the app I am developing, so I tried to use the experimental wifi connection to a Galaxy s6 instead. (The bluetooth connection was constantly dropping just running the sensor demo application.) After switching to wifi connection, the sensor demo applicatino was able to run more consistently. However, when I tried to run my Unity application on the device in GearVR, it would just crash out. Is there a known issue with the current unity plugin and running with experimental wifi?

Hi delphinius81, we have reproduced this issue, please try version with fix support@vicovr.com directly on issues with bluetooth connection on galaxy s6. Galaxy S6 is our main test device, so it should work good.

Thanks, will try it out and let you know how things go!

any luck with this? I’m running into this error when trying to build to Google Glass via Unity:

Hi medright,

We haven’t tested apps built for Google Glass for VicoVR. We’ll reply as soon as we check it out.