Exporting skeleton data to an xml file

Hi Everyone,
I just acquired Nuitrack Pro SDK and I’m using it with RealSense D415. After the installation and activation, everything works fine.

I’m not interested in developing games or any sort of that things.

I’m a Machine Learning researcher working on project for recognizing determined motions.

What is the simplest way to export the skeleton data of for short movements e.g., 10 sec to an xml file.

Also, can I do this using Python?

Thank you

Hi Tamim,

Unfortunately, Nuitrack doesn’t have Python API at the moment. You can export data to a file (xml, csv, etc.) with the help of our C++ or C# API.

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Thank you so much for your response.
Is there a code sample to just get the data from the sensor without using Unity3D, and I’ll do the data extraction. For example a C++ or C# file to run in “Visual Studio right away”.
Because, in the provided examples, I have to use CMake to create the solution file, then go to the Visual Studio to generate the executable file. Is there a simpler way of doing that? or this is the way it it?

Thanks a gain.

Please take a look at this sample Windows Forms Project.

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