[Feature Request] Orbbec Persee ++ Support Plan

Using the Nuitrack SDK, game applications
for Windows are developed and used.
In the future, the service is planned for Android environment,
and Persee is considering Persee++ due to its low hardware specification,
but Nuitrack does not currently support it.
If you have a Persee++ support plan, when are you going to support it? Please reply.

Hi @billyhan

the most important issue is that we don’t have Persee+ on hands yet and still waiting for the delivery from Orbbec.
I hope that we will receive it soon, so support for Persee+ is planned for 22Q3, but this time-frame isn’t strict yet, as most of our development is guided by paid customization contracts.

I can guess that you have used Nuitrack for the development of commercial products in the past, so please note that Persee+ support could be prioritized by customers with corresponding licensing volume/demand.
If it could be interesting / relevant for your case, please feel free to message me directly at tag@3divi.com