[Feature Request] Using GPU, CUDA

Hello i have a question about tracking skeleton.
I want using 5 cameras to detect skeleton, but my CPU is too weak. I though if it possible to move calculation from CPU to GPU ?

Hi @Netif, currently skeletal tracking could be performed only on CPU.
Please tell what GPU model do you have ?

I have Geforce RTX 3080 TI

Do you use Nuitrack Pro skeletal tracking or Nuitrack AI (deep-learning based) ? Also please tell what CPU model do you have ?
Currently only object detection could be delegated to GPU, I’m now trying to figure out how we could help with your needs.

I’m using Nuitrack AI, and i have intel i9 12th.
I need run (5-8) applications using nuitrack AI with (60FPS and maximum resolutions). But, my processor i to weak to get 60 FPS, then i thought, can i run my 5-8 applications using GPU ?

And what happened next? I have the same GPU and CPU and working on a similar application