Femto support for multi sensor skeleton tracking

Hi! we are planning on using two Orbbec femto sensor to cover a large space for 6 person skeleton tracking. I have seen that the femto is already supported, it is recommended for multi sensor setup?

Any camera recommendation for what we want to achieve? our requirement is mostly body tracking, we don’t really need hands, and arms are not critical, but strong 6 body tracking is important with a large coverage area (between 6 and 8 m, with 4 m depth at maximum). Thanks!!

Hi @ibiltari

We do support Femto and Femto W and have future plans on adding Femto Mega and Bolt as well.
At the moment we are in the stage of active development of a multi-sensor tracking and mainly focused on Astra+. There should be no blockers for multi-sensor operation on Femto, but we still recommend Astra+ at the moment.
Also let us know if you need access to Multi-Sensor Beta

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Hi @ibiltari

Do you have any questions left?