Gemini 336L or others

Hello there,
Again about camera compatibility.
We are really interested in theses new cameras (335 336 336L), will they be available with nuitrack? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !

Hi @jbaessens,

Sorry for the late reply.

Orbbec is gone crazy recently pushing new sensor lineup to the market each 6 months or so :crazy_face: so we have a hard time supporting them all timely.

I should say this new lineup definitely will be supported by Nuitrack, the same way all models of Gemini 2 lineup was added previously. The only question is the time frame.

Two questions which could impact this time frame:

  • What sensor model do you currently and what are the main reasons to move to the new Gemini 3xx lineup (or primary expectations from this migration) ?
  • When it’s important / desirable for you to try out / assess Nuitrack tracking with these cameras ?

We understand that your commercial development is relied on that, so we propose to proceed further directly through an email (