Get coordinates for 2 users in an Excel/table way

Hello, I have been searching on how to get the coordinates of 2 users I am recording using Kinect.
I have used an application developed by @gvr to get data in excel.
It works perfectly with 1 person, but with I put the two subjects id doesn’t record coordinates for the second one. It is possible to modify the configuration of the recorder in some way to change the userSkeletons part, to 2 and not only one?

Thank you!

Thank you for your response,
The use case I am currently working on is to be able to compare the coordinates of a person with a back or leg disability with a person without and with that gather data on possible injuries that might arise from bad posture in lifting activities.
Also, the ideal is to implement a solution that is capable of being in a production environment where there are multiple people. For now, we are investigating the application in the industry of multiple users coordinate analysis and further study trends and feed ML models to predict injuries in workplaces.

Those are some of the usecases we are covering on the study. Also I wasn’t able to find the feedback from. Can you kindly share the link to it?

Thank you @TAG @gvr

I also understand that
"Nuitrack limits the number of skeletons tracked up to 6 users"
So we might limit the study based on that. Moreover, two users at least for now would give a lot of information regarding the same conditions- Study under the same activities for different users. This ends up in a broader set of data that can be escalated to fulfill the use case of real-case environments within the industry.

Also, having the data in Excel/Table file will allow us to further and easily perform Data Engineering on the sets. In the team, we try to cover areas of Machine learning and exploratory data analysis, and having the data in that way would be highly beneficial for all.

Hi @DiegoV ,

Can you kindly share the link to it?

Sorry, it really wasn’t obvious - you could send a custom request through a Nuitrack Enterprise button on

@TAG @gvr
Thank you! I just sent a message in the Contact sales button. Also I have been thinking if posible for you to kindly share the base code for the recorder. Just so I can play with the configurations and mayble enable myself.