Get the joint position in the frame

if i want to get the joint in the userframe or colorframe, how to do it in unity3D? I can use the SkeletonTracker to get the joints position,but i only know the position of unity3d world (joint.toVector3() value*0.001f).

By the way,in the ColorFrame class,get the colors bytes (data) is not including alpha,so i put it in to unity3d texture2D and the TextureFormat is RBG24(only have RGB24 or RGB565?),the picture color look like is error。

Thank for you look this message

OK i found the question of picture color, the SDK return the RGB bytes is BGR… i fixed it by regroup the bytes。
And then leave the first question ,how to match the skeleton with the ColorFrame ,the SDK can show me the skeleton with the pixel or some other way?

Hi FengHaolin,

You have to use Proj attribute of Joint Struct Reference.
You have to get the coordinates and multiply X by width and Y by height.

This is an example with Torso Joint:

 nuitrack.Joint joint = skeleton.GetJoint(nuitrack.JointType.Torso);
        torsoPos = new Vector2(joint.Proj.X * Screen.width, joint.Proj.Y * Screen.height);

Thanks for your help!