Get the joints information from a depth image directly without camera

Hi dear developer

Is there any method to use nuitrack tools to extract joint positions from a depth image directly without cameras?



You can use the data recorded in .oni/.bag format using NiViewer tool from OpenNI2 SDK (.oni) or RealSense Viewer from RealSense SDK (.bag).
To run Nuitrack with an .oni/.bag file, open %NUITRACK_HOME%/data/nuitrack.config file in a text editor and set the FULL path to the .oni/.bag file in the “OpenNIModule.FileRecord” section.
Please note that Nuitrack Pro license is not compatible with this mode, only the trial license can be used.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you, your comment is very useful to me, If I have data of other format recorded by other devices, do you think I can convert it into .oni/.bag and then using Nuitrack tools to extract 3D skeleton?

In theory, it’s possible, but it should be a custom solution.

Do you know any input for png or pgm file to extract the key joints by using SDK tools? I tried to convert png to oni file, but it doesn’t work.

Why is this only available in trial mode? It seems quite useful as a testing/debugging tool. Is it possible to use .oni files with pro license?

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