GetThreadContext failed

Hello Nuitrack Team,
First, thank you all so much for you responses to our questions - Nuitrack is a pleasure to work with, and you guys have been great about answering questions.

We’re now experiencing a fatal error with our NUITRACK Unity app:

We’ve built a simple interface with Unity, using the 1.3.8 SDK, and the January 2019 nuitrack installer (it is a bit difficult to tell what version we are using). Our unity app uses facial tracking and depth2color registration, meaning we have modified the nuitrack.config file. We have also changed the camera ID.

Yesterday the app stopped functioning randomly. Launching our app - there is no infrared light emitted from the sensor and the video feed is blank. The nuitrack samples also do not work (will not launch, IR light is emitted but no feed).

After uninstalling and reinstalling x64 nuitrack/openni/primesense - - re-stating the environment variable - the app works again (with some troubleshooting) however, after a short period of we receive a fatal error: “Fatal Error in GC” GetThreadContext failed. We have updated to the latest version of unity, as well as changed the permissions of the project folder to “all”. The error happens at a random time after the app build launch.

We are somewhat troubles by the random onset of this issue - the app was functioning one hour, then the next not - to our knowledge, no updates were applied during this time.

We are using the latest NUITRACK with the Orbbec Astra Pro Sensor on Window 10 1803 17134.556

Thank you!

Happy to report that we seem to have found the issue causing this particular error - and it’s somewhat mundane.

It appears to be caused by antivirus software - in this case specifically Avast. Before posting we tried ‘disabling shields’ in the avast interface - but as it turns out, it requires a full uninstall. The app has been running since without error.

Apologies for the false alarm, and hope this answer helps others in the future.

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