Getting tracking data from TVico by LAN (not by wi-fi)

I want to get inside Unity on PC the data from TVico.
From techcial reasons TVico need to be connected to network by LAN, not by Wi-Fi …
I had set in unity the wi-fi option in the script + modified the IP address …
I had checked on TVico the Nuitrack server is running ,
I had checked the TVico is on the same network and repond on ping command …
I still get No skeleton detected message in the most simple Unity3D SDK example ….

Any suggestion what I should check ?


I had entered a licence and it started to work !!

New question: How to force Nuitrack server to start automatically when I swicth TVico on?

I was traing to insltall Startup Manager - but the TVico browser freez during Google Play acces …


I was able to install on the TVico AutoStart application able to launch NuiTrakc after startup …
Unfortunatley it is still required to press the RUN on Nuitrack …

Any way to make the startup + run automatic by some settings ?


One more question related to the topic - the Galery Unity example doe snot work at all with the TVico … Some functionality missing (gesture recognition) ?

Hi Michal,

Current version of TVico.apk is beta and allows to transfer only SkeletonTracker data via TCP connection.

You don’t have to press RUN button to start Nuitrack server. After running Nuitrack application, server starts automatically (you have to see the relevant notification). After that, clients can connect to TVico server. Please advise what happens in your case?

  1. So the Galery application from your SDk examples can not work, because there is no gesture recognition module ? Understand.
    Any chance for update ?

  2. I did not see the notification about Nuitrack server running - I did not believed it was running. But it runs because I can connect from PC and get access to the Skeleton Tracker data . You are right - it works without the run press and in combination with AutoStart I can now only switch on TVico and get the data.

We’ll discuss adding support for GestureRecognizer with TVico on our next technical meeting.