HandContent click and pressure not accurate

I have the problem that the click bool and the pressure int in the handContent is not accurate at all. Is there a way to make it more accurate?

Im using the intel realsense D435 and unity version 2018.1.4f1.

FWIW - The quality of the depth data available from a D435 gets worse and worse the further you are away from the sensor - so much so in fact that it rapidly reaches a point where the data is so poor that Nuitrack struggles to get a reliable track or correctly detect gestures such as opening and closing of hands.

We have found that the D435 is far from the appropriate sensor to use with Nuitrack - or for pretty much any tasks that require repeatable and accuract depth data beyond about 1meter - though depending on your environment some say 1.5meters.

I would suggest that look at the D415 as a better option for a number of reasons.

  1. The optimal effective size of the sensor for tracking on the D415 is 1280x720 as opposed to the D435 which is 848x480 - this translates to more depth points in the tracking region
  2. The accuracy of the depth data at any given distance from the D415 sensor is 2 times that of the D435 with better than half the RMS errors - this translates to more reliable depth information for nuitrack to work with.
  3. While yes the D435 is a wider angle sensor - for skeletal tracking with this really means that the effective number of horizontal pixels available to track a body is actually much less - this translates to even less depth points being available to nuitrack.

Nuitrack needs GOOD quality depth data to give reliable and accurate results - the D435 fails this on so many levels - it becomes a case pretty quickly of GarbageInGarbageOut