HandTracker detecting wrong hand


I’m using the Kinect v1 for tracking in unity and i’m having troubles with hands detection. More precisely, it detects my right hand as left hand and my left hand as right hand. I tried the interactive gallery tutorial project and it does the same. Does anyone know how to make it work as it should?

Hi, please provide us with the information about your environment:

  • OS
  • Nuitrack version
  • sensor model
  • Unity version
  • sample
  • nuitrack.config file settings

Try one of the options:

  1. Make sure that you set “DepthProvider.Mirror” to “true” in nuitrack.config. After that, run “nuitrack_c11_sample” or “nuitrack_sample”. Are hands tracked correctly in this case?

  2. Add the calculation of the X coordinate “Screen.width-” to Pointer.cs (the method NuitrackManager_onHandsTrackerUpdate, lines 66 and 72).
    For example, calculation of the right hand coordinates (line 66) should be as follows:
    baseRect.anchoredPosition = new Vector2(Screen.width - userHands.RightHand.Value.X * Screen.width, -userHands.RightHand.Value.Y * Screen.height);
    The same should be applied to the left hand coordinates (line 72).

Thank you very much, option 2 worked.