Head Confidence

Hi nuitrack team.

I’m working on confidence and i observe Head confidence alternate between 2 values “0” and “.75” even if the Head join is perfectly seen by the sensor.

frame 1 : confidence = “0”
frame 2 : confidence = “.75”
frame 3 : confidence = “0”
frame 4 : confidence = “.75”
etc …

Is this normal ?

All others joints not alternates and have fixed value at .75 when the sensor can correctly seen them.

Hi Julien,

Please advise what sensor do you use? We’ve just checked the head joint confidence and everything works fine in our case (only 0.75 when the head joint is tracked).

I use an Astra (not pro).

I confirm this behaviour. I put every Head joint confidence value in a queue of length 10 so i can see last 10 confidence values for the joint.