Hi all, can anyone help me with integrating Nuitrack to a python app?

I am trying to integrate Nuitrack into my app written in python as when I package the app and run it there is an error about initialising Nuitrack (On a different system where there is no Nuitrack installation). I searched online for any documentation, but I could only find integrations for C and C sharp.

Are there similar steps that I can follow for my python code?

I tried to follow a couple of steps in the C sharp documentation to see if it might work and I get the following error:


RuntimeError: Nuitrack init failed
WARNING: Cannot load library module: ./nuitrack/middlewareNuitrackModule.dll

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi @deoxyri,
This tutorial only supports the C++/C# API.
We will update soon, but so far without python support.
If you want to use python for commercial development, write to our support: support-nuitrack@3divi.com

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Thank you for your message! :slight_smile: