Higher RGB resolution on orbbec persee


I’ve got an Orbbec Persee and am using the Nuitrack SDK to create an game that uses skeleton tracking and should also take pictures of the players using the RGB sensor.

To get the picture I use NuitrackManager.ColorFrame, but currently I only get an image with a resolution of only 320 x 240. The Orbbec Persee should be able to provide 1280 x 720 RGB frames. How can I get an rgb frame with that higher resolution?

I guess I might need to change config values, but I don’t know what the correct keys for the rgb resolution values are. Can anyone help?


Try this in your nuitrack.config:

"AstraProPerseeDepthProvider": {
    "RGB": {
        "Width": 1280,
        "Height": 720
    "Windows": {
        "CameraID": 0
    "POSIX": {
        "PID": "0x0501", 
        "VID": "0x2bc5"

Check here for more useful information.

Hi Simon,

At the moment, the highest RGB resolution available for Orbbec cameras with Nuitrack is 640x480. We’ll try to increase RGB resolution in the next Nuitrack versions.