How can a specific camera be selected from within the SDK?

A recent update to the SDK changed the order in which the SDK selects the cameras. Is there a way to specifically pick one camera at the time of initialization?

Hi Vishwanath,

Actually, we didn’t change the order. At the time, Nuitrack starts with the first detected camera from the list of supported sensors. In the near future, we’ll add support for multiple connected sensors. Users will be able to switch between several connected cameras.

Thanks @olga.kuzminykh. That will prove to be a very beneficial feature for developers.

Just wanted to see if there is an update here. Is this feature available in the latest SDK?

Giving this a bump. Is feature available or have an ETA?

There’s currently no support for multiple sensors with Nuitrack. We’re working on this feature, however, the exact time frame is yet to be determined.