How can I recognize multiple people in the basic sample?

I am a beginner. Sorry, but my English is not good either.

I saw this and made my first project.

I’ve heard that Nuitrack can recognize up to 6 people.
However, only 1 person can be recognized in the project I created now.

I don’t need a rigged avatar.
I don’t even need to draw on Canvas.

I need to print multiple skeletons in 3D space.
I need to recognize multiple people in the first project created and output multiple skeletons to Sphere prefab.

I think it can be made by modifying the script called NativeAvatar.

What should I do? Do you have any reference?
Thank you very much.

Hello @MJS
Look this tutorial: link
2d skeletons are used here, small improvements will be needed for 3d (about working with 3d points )
Also check out other tutorials on our Youtube channel

To display several 3D skeletons, use the prefab NuitrackSDK/Avatar/3D Avatar/Prefabs/SkeletonAvatar.prefab.
Disable the Use current user tracker option and set the User ID for this skeleton. As soon as the user with the specified ID appears in the frame, the skeleton will immediately come to life!