How does Nuitrack relate to Xbox Kinect?


Does Nuitrack skeletal tracking software work the same way that Xbox Kinect software does?

Xbox Kinect has been discontinued and I’m on a quest to have the skeletal tracking feature embedded into a smartphone application.

I’m not a tech guy so I’m going to hire a freelancer to develop the app, I’m doing some preliminary research now.

Thanks in advance

Hi @riful, sure, Nuitrack works mostly the same as Kinect v1/v2 and is based on a similar tech internally. It provide a fast skeletal tracking even for embedded hardware like Raspberry Pi and also for Android mobile devices (with depth sensor attached).

Currently Nuitrack requires a 3D/depth sensor and just a conventional (RGB) web/mobile-camera isn’t sufficient, but we plan to release an RGB-only version soon.

Hey man, thanks for the insight.

So are there currently any handheld devices that work properly with the Nuitrack software?


Sure, basically any Android smartphone. We plan to record a video demo, as currently we don’t have such.
What depth sensor do you currently have / are primarily interested in ?

Hey man,

Sorry for the late response.

I want to create a Android and/or iOS app with the skeletal tracking functionality.

So Nuitrack works on basically any Android smartphone? That’s very nice.

What would a license cost me? A license to put this tech in my app?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @riful, sorry for late reply.

We support iPhone/iOS also (but only with a compatible Structure sensor).

Our mainstream licensing works per-sensor, so Nuitrack has to be activated for a particular depth sensor.
We also have a subscription/online license which is movable between sensors, but could be used only with a particular one at a time.
We don’t have a mainstream per-app licensing option, but it could be discussed for a particular case.