How to deal with the problem the realsense D435 camera can't work in unity

Hi, I am a beginner to use Nuitrack SDK with Realsense D435. I deployed the configuration like that:

  1. Win10 Pro, version 1803
  2. Installed memory (RAM):8.00GB
  3. Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2.0 (build 2.15.0)
  4. Nuitrack SDK 1.3.10
  5. unity 2018.3.12f1

I can run the Intel RealSense Viewer and the nuitrack_sample.exe normally. However, I can’t run the First Project in Unity with the log like that:

ModuleNotInitializedException: NuitrackException (ModuleNotInitializedException): Can’t create DepthSensor module
AstraProPerseeDepthProvider: Can’t create RGB Stream (VideoCapture device ID is not valid)
OpenNI2DepthProvider: Can’t open device ( DeviceOpen using default: no devices found
OpenNIDepthProvider: Can’t create OpenNI DepthGenerator (OpenNI Status: Can’t create any node of the requested type!)
API version mismatch: was compiled with API version 2.15.0 but the application was compiled with 2.17.0! Make sure correct version of the library is installed (make install)

nuitrack.NativeImporter.throwException (nuitrack.NativeImporter+ExceptionType type, System.String message) (at :0)
nuitrack.NativeDepthSensor…ctor () (at :0)
nuitrack.DepthSensor.Create () (at :0)
NuitrackManager.NuitrackInit () (at Assets/NuitrackSDK/Nuitrack/Scripts/NuitrackManager.cs:225)
NuitrackManager.Awake () (at Assets/NuitrackSDK/Nuitrack/Scripts/NuitrackManager.cs:119)

Hi salmon,

API version mismatch is caused by two versions of the RealSense library installed on your computer (one version in RealSense SDK and another in Nuitrack SDK).

Nuitrack is compiled with librealsense.dll v2.17.0. Please update your RealSense SDK or just back up (for example, rename) this file in RealSense SDK on your PC.

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thanks for your help very much. With your word, I do it.