How to distribute?

I have created a game using Nuitack and wish to distribute it to a select few users?

How can I create a setup and install my application without asking the user to install NUITrack? How can I register user’s camera in my account etc.

What is the guide to distribute products created with NUITrack?


There are some variants:
1)Your clients can buy licenses for their self
2)You might embed group key and will buy licenses yourself
3)Or you buy an enterprise license
Please can contact our Nuitrack product manager Alexander Potopakhin to discuss the personal contract:

Hi @saad.mindravel,

If you mean the Windows platform, then you can do it follow the steps below:

  • Copy the unpacked Nuitrack to your installer (it needs to be copied to the user’s machine). If you have previously installed Nuitrack on your machine, you can find it using the NUITRACK_HOME environment variable.
  • Install Nuitrack dependencies from your installer (OpenNI-Win64-1.5.7-Dev.msi and Primesense-Sensor- under the %NUITRACK_HOME%\..\ path).
  • Set the NUITRACK_HOME environment variable to the unpacked Nuitrack path.
  • Add to the PATH environment variable the path to %NUITRACK_HOME%\bin\
  • Activate the Nuitrack application for your client from our API (see the last point: You can directly transfer our license key to your customer, or you can use mapping your key to our key in your activating application.