How to get skeleton from a rosbag?

Hello, I know how to run a .bag file recorded from intel realsense viewer. However, it can’t find the device when I try to run a .bag file recorded from “rosbag record” with Nuitrack SDK. I feel that the name of the topic is different, which is causing the Nuitrack SDK to not recognize the camera.

Can the Nuitrack SDK recognize a specific topic such as “/d400/depth/image_raw”?

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Hello, @Huayra.

Apologies for the late reply. The forum was down for some time.

Sorry for the issues you’ve encountered. Could you, please, describe your issue in more detail? Also, it will be nice if you provide us with the following points:

  • Have you set a path to the bag file in “Realsense2Module.FileRecord”?
  • What is your OS?
  • What is your version of the Nuitrack?

Can the Nuitrack SDK recognize a specific topic such as “/d400/depth/image_raw”?

Nuitrack supports .bag and .oni file formats only.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re looking forward to your response.

Thank you for your reply

  • I have already set the path in my code “nuitrack.set_config_value(“Realsense2Module.FileRecord”, “F:/5.bag”)”

  • My OS is win11 and Ubuntu 18.04 ROS melodic, I record the .bag file from Ubuntu 18.04 ROS melodic, and run it on the Windows.

  • I think I have download the lastest version

My issue is that the content of the two .bag files are different, the first image was recorded with RealSense Viewer, I can run Nuitrack SDK normally, but the second image was recorded in the ROS melodic, Nuitrack SKD cannot recognize the data from it. How can I get the skeleton from a .bag file that is recorded from Ubuntu 18.04 ROS melodic?
2024-04-09 00-06-14屏幕截图

Hey, @Huayra.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Thanks for the provided information. The thing is that intel realsense .bag and ROS bag files are different file formats. Nuitrack support intel realsense ones only.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any other questions.

Hi, @gvr

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By the way, I’d like to ask if I can only playback the .bag file with a trial license. If I record the .bag file of the camera bound to the AI license, can I playback the .bag file with the AI license?

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Hey, @Huayra.

Please, refer to this post:

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Hello, @Huayra.

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