How to get started?

I am completely new to nuitrack and c++ programming, I want to run the track right hand example, how do I go about doing it?
I have Visual studio Code installed, should I just copy paste the code?

Sorry if the question is too basic, I have no clue how to get started.

HI Pillaya,
I would suggest - that you first learn something about c++ programming and development before trying to jump into nuitrack or any other sdk for that matter.

Sorry no you cant just cut and paste code - c++ programs are setup inside projects and solutions inside visual studio - these configure the compiler and linker to know what you are trying to do and what you are trying to use to achieve that.

You can open up the provided examples from the sdk as a basic guide - and go from there - but without some understanding of c++ programming concepts you may find that in itself challenging.



Thanks for your response
So, I have to create a new project in visual studio and have the code copied to the source files directory? and the header to the header file directory? and build it?
I have a good background in python programming, getting used to C++.

No - it wont work like that. You should start by looking at the project sample provided in the SDK.
You will need setup the project correctly - with the correct libraries declared for linking

Where do I find these project samples? what type of files are they?

Download the latest SDK - then go to:


You then follow the README.txt - look for the Windows section

  • it explains how to use CMAKE to create a BUILD folder that contains a Visual Studio Project.

You will also need to obtain and configure openGL libraries for the project

  • as the cmake file fails to install the required library files incorrectly assuming you already had them installed by default most likely

You can find a copy of these files in the OpenNI 2 SDK - at
or directly from or from other places if you want to search things out.

Once you install the SDK for openni the files you need can be seen as a part of some of the samples
C:\Program Files\OpenNI2\Samples\MultiDepthViewer for example.

ALSO if you are trying to build x64 as opposed to win32 - you will need to change one of the default libraries that the cmake file adds as a reference from glut32.lib to glut64.lib


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