How to make a "react cursor position" type of feature?

Hello all, I saw a video demonstrating Nuitrack capabilities and here (already applied the relevant timestamp) how do I make this cursor aware functionality where it triggers the button but with how long it hovers in that spot instead of a click, because afaik the nuitrack input doesn’t have a click input, only position values.

Also, would this work if the “cursor” is a whole person’s body, so it takes up like almost the height of the screen, so only the X position matters to trigger the button or not. The use case for this feature will be a “Play Again” button for simple object catcher that moves the virtual character using the player’s real body movements.

Any other suggestions to make this play again button triggerable with other ways, especially in the context of my use case, is extremely welcome!

More info: I am using Unity and my camera is Intel D435. Thank you!

Hello @malphigus
Did you see our gallery tutorial\sample in unity-package? nuitrack-sdk/doc/ at master · 3DiVi/nuitrack-sdk · GitHub
There is interaction with the cursor not by timer, but by click, but it is probably not difficult to replace. Also, scrolling the gallery left / right is implemented by swipes