How to Motion capture or record animation using unity

I was wondering if there is documentation on using the Nuitrack software with an intel realsense depth sensor to record a skeleton overlay on a person moving and export it as an animation file similar to an .fbx
The main idea is to use the skeleton to animate a character model,
thank you for your help

Hello @fcristo

Unfortunately, there is no such documentation at the moment.
Regarding questions about RGBandSkeletons tutorial:

  1. nuitrack.config is located in C:\Program Files\Nuitrack\nuitrack\nuitrack\data . But, since you need to enable “Depth2Color registration”, there is no need to edit it. Since this option is enabled in Unity by default in the “NuitrackScripts” prefab on your scene.
  2. The JointUI and ConnectionUI prefabs are currently in NuitrackSDK\Avatar\UI Avatar\Prefabs\SubPrefabs

Thank you for paying attention to this, we will release an update of the tutorial in the near future