How to reset usertracker or userframe?

Is it possible to reset user tracker or userframe in runtime? what i want is whenever my player is done playing it will reset userframe or usertracker, because the environment around the sensor is pretty crowded, i want to get the newest nearest user again after current player is done playing.

Hi @freeza354

Please clarify what you’re trying to achieve? What do you mean by resetting UserTracker and how it’ll help your use case?

So basically, our game can only accept one user to play. But because of the game environment, the playable area are pretty crowded behind our main player. Because nuitrack can only track up to 6 users, we’ve come into problems when there are crowds that only watch in the back and didnt play and new users that should be tracked can’t be tracked. I also already eliminate the other user using distance, but still the problem persist, so that’s why i’m asking if we can reset user tracker in some way. Any idea how to fix this issues?

Hi @freeza354

Please try to restring number of tracked users by setting ActiveUsers to 1 i.e
Nuitrack::setConfigValue("Skeletonization.ActiveUsers", "1");
after Nuitrack::init

For Unity Plugin

Hi @freeza354

Did you manage to achieve desired result? Do you have any follow-up questions?