How to run nuitrack SDK correcttly on android platform

I have downloaded nuitrack.apk and installed it on my mobile phone, I also bought a license. And I connectted astra pro to my phone, when I finished every step that the tutorial said,I openned the app and found nothing displayed on my phone.
Why this happen?How should I do to run the sdk correctly on the android platform!
Looking forward for your reply! Thank you!

Hi Chris,

  1. What Android device do you use? Please note that it should have OTG support.
  2. What is Android version of your device?
  3. Please specify what do you mean by “nothing displayed on my phone”. It would be great if you could provide us with the screenshots.
  4. Please run “Compatibility test” on the Android device, wait for it to start, then close Nuitrack app and connect your Android device to the PC, save and send us the output of the command “adb logcat”.