How to track multiple users in virtual fitting room in Unity?

Hello everyone, There is anyway I can try multi tracking in Unity Virtual Fitting Room? I found this sample, but I can not find any document how to achieve something like this. thanks
Sample video

Hello @pheharin

Easiest way

You can simply place several “Nuitrack Avatar” objects on the scene and manually specify the User ID for each one.

Thank very much for quick respond.
I tried your way, but the skeleton and Human seem offset if we don’t stand Infront of the camera.

Which sensor are you using?

I am using Kinect v2.

@pheharin We tested and found out that the problem is only with the kinect and approximately by the end of the month there should be a fix on our part.

​We have released a Kinect update!
Try the new version of Nuitrack nuitrack-sdk/Platforms/nuitrack-windows-x64.exe at master · 3DiVi/nuitrack-sdk · GitHub
Run a sample of the virtual fitting room. Now the rgb and the position of the skeleton should match