How to update new Gesture in nuitrack.GestureType Sample Jump Gesture?

Hello. Am newbie for Nuitrack

  1. Can i action by myself then input it on GestureType it Possible ?
  2. if not can you show me the easy way to create jump gesture or something check player jumping ?
  3. I need to make Jump or something check player jumping ?
  4. Do you have the advance trick document about nuitrack ?

namespace nuitrack
public enum GestureType
GestureWaving = 0,
GestureSwipeLeft = 1,
GestureSwipeRight = 2,
GestureSwipeUp = 3,
GestureSwipeDown = 4,
GesturePush = 5
GestureJump = 6
Thx a lot to read this

Hi Egg,

There is currently no way to add additional gestures internally that has been published.

I would suggest that this sort of thing is something you would be better off coding yourself.
Look at calculating a movement vector for the waist joint over multiple frames

  • if the movement exceeds a certain amount in the z axis in a short amount of time you have a jump happening.


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thx very much ^-^ i will testing on it

At the moment, we are preparing a video tutorial with jump event detection, where there are methods for determining the jump event and its height.

Now you can learn the tutorial in the attached unitypackage.