How to use Nuitrack for motion capturing

I want to use nuitrack for animation in either blender or unreal engine. I found at most, using nuitrack in unreal engine for games themselves, but never for animation. With unreal engine, it could also be livelink, this would work.

Hi @heromanofe,

At the moment there is a tutorial for recording a mocap only for Unity (in unity-animation format). nuitrack-sdk/ at master · 3DiVi/nuitrack-sdk · GitHub
Regarding the recording of movements in Unreal and Blender, it is difficult to suggest something, since no one has tried to do this. Perhaps what is now in the Unreal documentation can become the basis for the corresponding plugin.

ok, then I will try to create my own addon for blender, there are good examples for similar projects so… could be done for sure.


Hi @heromanofe, we are really excited by your idea :rocket:

Actually, we also have multiple ideas on how to support your great aspirations.
We could help by:

  • technical support on the Nuitrack side during implementation
  • providing Nuitrack perpetual licenses if you are interested in time-unrestricted/commercial usage of these developments
  • promotion (also possibly as kind of “official” Nuitrack blender plugin) if you plan to distribute it through open source

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly ( if aforementioned options could be relevant for you (also feel free to propose any other options of how we can help) .