I need a wide viewing angle vertically

I need a wide viewing angle vertically.
Because of that, I’d like to tilt a sensor (lateral rotate 90 deg).
Even if I tilt the camera, can I track the skeleton?

*I have the following sensors
・Intel RealSense D435
・Orbbec Astra Pro

I think it doesn’t work.
If you tilt sensor, NuiTrack return value of low recognition rate.
Almost every SDK for skeleton tracking has this problem.
General Preparations

We have successfully run nuitrack with orbbec cameras at up to 45 degress of tilt - and tracking was well within acceptable tolerances. Once you pass beyond this the lower body elements seem to track less reliably.

We have also run the sensors rotated 90 degrees and 180 degrees


How’s the performance of rotated 90 degrees and 180 degrees ?
I would like to run skeletal detection in portrait mode. Any clue ?

You can set the rotation angle in the nuitrack.config file.

Open the %NUITRACK_HOME%/data/nuitrack.config in a text editor, find the "DepthProvider.RotateAngle" option and then set one of possible values: 0 (default value), 90, 180, 270.

Also, you can set these values using Nuitrack API:

nuitrack::setConfigValue("DepthProvider.RotateAngle", "90");

Nuitrack.SetConfigValue("DepthProvider.RotateAngle", "90");

After setting the required value, you can use the sensor in portrait mode.

A different rotation angle has no effect on performance.

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Is there a configuration setting for having an overhead sensor? Either pointing straight down at 90 degrees or 45 degrees?

None that has ever been documented - nuitrack looks for a user/body shape as the basis of most of its functions - so its unlikely this is currently an option :frowning: