Idle Handler threw exception


We are developing app on android platform with Unity. And while switching the scene, we got the following errors which cause app freezed. Does any suffering similar issue?

12-06 16:34:05.610 5173-5250/com.wistron.WiMed E/CRASH: #01 pc 000e2aab /data/app/com.tdv.nuitrack.sdk-1/lib/arm/
12-06 16:34:05.697 5173-5191/com.wistron.WiMed A/MessageQueue: IdleHandler threw exception
java.lang.Error: signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 2 (SEGV_ACCERR), fault addr 9b707000
Build fingerprint: ‘Android/rk3288_box/rk3288_box:5.1.1/LMY47V/root01172220:userdebug/test-keys’
Revision: ‘0’
pid: 5173, tid: 5250, name: UnityMain >>> com.wistron.WiMed <<<
r0 9b706ff0 r1 bac01754 r2 000002f0 r3 00000000
r4 bac01448 r5 b98c3828 r6 b98b5fb8 r7 00000001
r8 b98b5fac r9 9bcc7e34 sl 9bd55080 fp 00000630
ip 9bd54704 sp 9b804a20 lr 9b9ebaaf pc b6db19f0 cpsr 00001482

    at libc.__memcpy_base(__memcpy_base:104)
    at libNuitrackModule.000e2aab(Native Method)
    at libc.__init_alternate_signal_stack(pthread_internal_t*)(__init_alternate_signal_stack:58)
    at [heap].0123d7dc(Native Method)

Make sure that before switching the scene you unsubscribed from all NuitrackManager events (in your code), for example,
NuitrackManager.onHandsTrackerUpdate += some_method;
NuitrackManager.onUserTrackerUpdate += some_method;
and etc.This can be done in the OnDestroy method of the same script, where the subscription for the target event was performed.
Unity calls OnDestroy () before destroying the object, to which this script is attached.For example,
void OnDestroy()
NuitrackManager.onHandsTrackerUpdate -= some_method;
NuitrackManager.onUserTrackerUpdate -= some_method;